Other Bosnia Related Publications

Bosnia Remade is the book length product of a research project that began in 2002. A series of publications in academic journals and books explore complimentary themes and others not explored in the book. Below is a list of those publications IN ORDER OF PUBLICATION with links to some (latest publications at the bottom):

G. Ó Tuathail, C. Dahlman (2004),The Clash of Govermentalities: Displacement and Return in Bosnia-Herzegovina (PDF file). Chapter 7 in Global Governmentality, eds. W. Lerner and W. Walker, Routledge.

G. Ó Tuathail, C. Dahlman (2004) The Effort to Reverse Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina: The Limits of Return. Eurasian Geography and Economics. 45, 6, 439-464. Available through IngentaConnect.com

G. Ó Tuathail (2005) Embedding Bosnia-Herzegovina in Euro-Atlantic Structures: From Dayton to Brussels. Eurasian Geography and Economics. 46, 1, 51-67. Available through IngentaConnect.com

C. Dahlman, G. Ó Tuathail (2005) The Legacy of Ethnic Cleansing: The Returns Process in Post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina. Political Geography, 24 (2005), 569-599. Available from Elsevier’s Science Direct: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09626298

C. Dahlman, G. Ó Tuathail (2005) Broken Bosnia: The Localized Geopolitics of Displacement and Return in Two Bosnian Places. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 95 (2005), 644-662. Available online through Blackwell-Synergy.com

G. Ó Tuathail (2005) “La Republika Srpska est-elle européenne? La grande stratégie du Bureau du Haut-Représentant pour ancrer la Bosnie-Herzégovine dans l’espace géopolitique européen.” Dans L’ex-Yougoslavie Dix Ans Après Dayton. De Nouveaux Etats Entre Déchirements Communautaires et Intégration Européenne, eds. André-Louis Sanguin, Emmanuelle Chaveneau and Amaël Cattaruzza. Paris: Editions L’Harmattan.

G. Ó Tuathail, C. Dahlman, (2006) Post-Domicide Bosnia-Herzegovina: Homes, Homelands and One Million Returns. International Peacekeeping. 13, 2, 242-260. Available online through Taylor and Francis Journals at metapress.com.

C. Dahlman, G. Ó Tuathail (2006) Bosnia’s Third Geopolitical Space: Nationalist Separatism and International Supervision in Bosnia’s Brcko District. Geopolitics, 11, (4). Available online through Taylor and Francis Journals at metapress.com.

G. Ó Tuathail, C. Dahlman (2006) “The West Bank of the Drina”: Land Allocation and Ethnic Engineering in Republika Srpska. Transactions, Institute of British Geographers 31, 304-322. Available online through Taylor and Francis Journals at metapress.com.

G. Ó Tuathail, C. Dahlman (2006) “Has Ethnic Cleansing Succeeded? Geographies of Minority Return and Its Meaning in Bosnia-Herzegovina.” In Dayton Ten Years After: Conflict Resolution, Co-operation Perspectives, edited by Anton Gosar. Primorska, Slovenia.

G. Ó Tuathail (2007) “Without Brussels there can be no Bosnia-Herzegovina”? Managing BiH’s Geopolitical Challenges. In Dayton After Ten Years. Woodrow Wilson Center Press, Washington D.C.

J. O’Loughlin, G. Ó Tuathail (2008) “Accounting for Separatist Sentiment: Bosnia-Herzegovina and the North Caucasus of Russia Compared.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 32, 591-615.

G. Ó Tuathail, J. O’Loughlin (2008) “After Ethnic Cleansing: Return Outcomes in Bosnia-Herzegovina a Decade after War.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, special issue on ‘Geographies of War and Peace.’ 99, 1045-1053.

G. Ó Tuathail (2010) “Localizing Geopolitics: Disaggregating Violence and Return in Conflict Regions” Political Geography 29, 256-265 (Special issue on ‘The State of Critical Geopolitics’).

G. Toal, A. Maksić (2011) Is Bosnia-Herzegovina Unsustainable? Implications for the Balkans and European Union Eurasian Geography and Economics, 52, 2, 279-293.

G. Toal (2013) “Republika Srpska will have a Referendum”: the Rhetorical Politics of Milorad Dodik. Nationalities Papers. 41,1.


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