A modification in light of the Mart Bax fraud saga

Scholars of the Bosnian war will be familiar with the writings of the Dutch anthropologist Mart Bax. A series of publication of his on the Marian pilgrimage site Medjugorje are cited in Bosnia Remade. I found the essay in Halpern and Kideckel (eds) Neighbors at War and his 2000 “Warlords, Priests and Ethnic Cleansing: A Case-Study from Rural Bosnia-Herzegovina” published in Ethnic and Racial Studies essay compelling. On page 13, we cited both these publication and wrote: “Some violence, as Mart Bax demonstrated in western Herzegovina, was between extended family groups of the same ethnicity and motivated by long-held grudges.”

In light of the scientific finding that his work involved considerable fabrication, this sentence can no longer be considered valid.


About Gerard Toal

I am an Irish born DC based Political Geographer researching territorial conflicts and the dynamics of geopolitical competition in post-Communist Europe.
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