ASN 2012 shortlists Bosnia Remade

The 2012 Joseph Rothchild Book Prize in Nationalism and Ethnic Studies Committee (Alison Frank, Dmitry Gorenburg and Harris Mylonas) shortlisted Bosnia Remade for its 2012 book prize. The book was one of 6 finalists from approximately 60 plus books nominated. The committee awarded the 2012 prize to Roger D. Petersen’s Western Intervention in the Balkans: The Strategic Use of Emotion in Conflict. Interestingly both it and another shortlisted book, Oxana Shevel’s Migration, Refugee Policy, and State Building in Postcommunist Europe (Cambridge University Press) address topics that are similar to those addressed in Bosnia Remade.

About Gerard Toal

I am an Irish born DC based Political Geographer researching territorial conflicts and the dynamics of geopolitical competition in post-Communist Europe.
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